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ST-5S is an excellent product. It took me about a week to get used to using it on SMD boards. The flexible arms with ample length are a boon to this amazing test tool. They can literally reach every point on the SMD board. The precise tips can grab hold of any SMD component so easily. Just yesterday, I used it on complex PCB assembly with XILINX FPGA devices and it tested and debugged it effortlessly. I am already beginning to see ROI (Return On Investment). The tips are tough and the masterpiece of this amazing product. I used them to scrap little flux from the board using it. Though it is not recommended but it can easily do such stupid and redundant things that I am sure you will also do it at some point of time. I bought this product from INDE Enteprises and writing this feedback on their request. I am happy with ST-5S and hope that INDE will continue their excellent support service for the years to come as I am not going to leave this product for the next 5-7 years atleast.

Ajay Singla (Singh Engineering, Jabalpur)


Carrying a complete multi-meter as a small pen in my pocket was a distant dream for so long. Smart Tweezers is just a right step towards making my dream a reality. Smart Tweezers are so accurate and easy to use that it just completely eliminates my requirement for a bulky Multi-meter. I used to use Sanwa Multimeters for so long, now with Smart Tweezers it is so convenient to check the SMD components - On board or off board. Thank you for inventing such a revolutionary and a handy tool.

Tejinder Saini (Computer NetWorld, Nehru Place)

I am extremely happy with the new Smart Tweezer ST5S which lets me instantly find the exact value of the capacitors. It is a great testing tool, thank you INDE for bringing it here in India. I am now using it without resorting to a magnifying glass - It's so crystal clear and easy to understand. Not only that Smart Tweezer ST5S is also providing a quick measurement of the loss and Q factors of the components. This helps us design highly efficient circuits. My partner Ajay Vinayak and I both feel relaxed while designing new circuits and we thank this new testing tool known as Smart Tweezers.

Kapil Sinha (Mitaso Engineering, Faridabad)

Karamjit Singh

I head a Technical Division of Rajshri Industries India and for many decades we have been using simple digital and analog multi-meters for checking various types of components like resistors, condensers and Inductors. Now we have something new and interesting testing tool – Smart Tweezers. Ever since I have started using this new Smart Tweezer ST5R, there is a considerable decrease in testing and debugging time. It is an absolute treat to use such a handy tool. It has a very clear LCD multi purpose screen. And storing it is very convenient, not like the old bulky multi-meters. Thank you INDE for recommending such a great tool for us.

Karmjit-Singh (Head Technical Engineer, Rajshri Industries)

Karamjit Singh

I have been using Smart Tweezer ST-AE model for sometime which I purchased from INDE. It’s an amazing tool to test all sorts of Resistors and Capacitors. I would certainly want to upgrade to the newer version soon. However, I think if you can add an option in your next Smart Tweezers of sending data in a TXT format to mobile devices using Blue Tooth. That will be a great work, as we have to keep a statistical data of all the non performing and performing components for our electronic audits.

Sridhar Menon (SD College)

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