Safety Precautions for using Smart Tweezers

Models ST-5S™, ST-5S™ Bluetooth Enabled, Colibri™ and Iskra™


ST-5S™, ST-5S™ Bluetooth, Colibri™ and Iskra™ works in all non-hazardous conditions but some of the precautions should always be observed carefully when using it on SMT boards particularly if the supply is kept on. All of the Smart Tweezers™ products are designed for qualified professionals and engineers with enough knowledge to recognize shock hazards and are able to quantify the safety precautions. Prior knowledge of risks will reduce any chances of injury.

It is always a good idea to read the manual that comes along with Smart Tweezers™ prior to any usage.

Follow the safety instructions before using Smart Tweezers™:

  • Carefully examine the Smart Tweezers before using it. Check for any cracks on the cover, loose tips and/or display discolouring etc. If anything appears to be damaged please do not use the device. Call 24 hours helpline number in India 093161-34502 to get it replaced.
  • If Smart Tweezers behave abnormally during its operation, please discontinue its usage. Prolonged use of Smart Tweezers in such a condition may put you and SMT circuit in serious risk.
  • As a rule of thumb, do not try to test any SMT circuit or components on PCBs when it is alive (ie. with power on mode). It might damage Smart Tweezers and SMT circuit permanently. When in doubt please follow the guidelines issued with that circuitry.
  • Testing-Circuits-With-Smart-Tweezers-ST5SStraight from the engineering manual, you should discharge all the high-voltage capacitors before you start checking resistance, inductors, capacitors and LEDs. Failure to discharge capacitors might lead to dangerous shock and irreversible damage to Smart Tweezers.
  • Always ensure that the external voltage at the gold plated tips is not beyond 800mV when you are using the Smart Tweezers in Automatic Mode.
  • Smart Tweezers is designed to check no more than 8 Volts. Higher voltages may damage the Smart Tweezers internal circuitry.
  • Please follow the instructions in the instruction manuals to know the appropriate mode for testing components.
  • Bluetooth enabled Smart Tweezers is an upgraded version of Smart Tweezers ST-5S. Please ensure to download the latest connectivity applications and drivers from the Google Store. The latest applications will ensure that your product is up-to-date with the connectivity and streaming options. With every update in application ensures that your Smart Tweezers is flawlessly compatible with the new mobile phones (and their operating systems like Android, iOS and Symbian) and computers with upgraded operating systems (like Windows and Unix).
  • Lithium Ion batteries are used in all the Smart Tweezers. These batteries can be charged over and over again for over 1000 cycles. Once fully charged, the Smart Tweezers can operate easily for over 20 hours continuously. If you find batteries heating up or not recharging to its full potential, please call our 24 hours helpline number in India 093161-34502 to get the new one.
  • Do not try to open the casing of Smart Tweezers as it will void OEM warranty. When in doubt, please consult the technicians at INDE Enterprises.

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