ST5R was a refined SMD LCR Meter

ST-5R was introduced in India by INDE Enterprises in 2011 after the success of ST-AE. The new ST-5R was accepted readily by the Indian manufacturing, academic, and service industry. ST-5R came with some new features, specifications and solutions for the people who were dealing with SMD circuits and components on a daily basis.

Repairing With Smart Tweezers ST-5R


Unlike ST-AE, ST-5R came with a better inbuilt Li-Ion battery that could be charged using a dedicated USB styled charger (that was included in the package). Some of the new features like Designated ESR Measurement, Automatic Offset Subtraction and Component Sorting were added to ST-5R. It is an additional boon to testing and debugging SMD Circuits.

The earlier model ST-AE came with normal tips whereas ST-AE came with gold plated tips. This significantly reduced the noise and therefore improved its accuracy by at least 6 times than its predecessor.

The display of ST-5R was rotational type and it was a significant jump from its earlier rival. With such a screen type it was helpful for the left handed and right handed people to work on SMD circuits without having to rotate the Smart Tweezers to see the results.

Smart Tweezers ST-5R

The tag line that was really associated with this model of Smart Tweezers was “Measuring miniature SMD Chip Inductors, Capacitors & Resistors was never so easy…”.

The USP of this newly introduced Smart Tweezers ST-5R was it’s reliable accuracy and much lesser need for re-calibration.

With the introduction of much advanced ST-5S this model ST-5R gracefully retired from its services. INDE Enterprises still have the spares associated with ST-5R.

Product Status: Discontinued. No purchase or Spares inquiries please.

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