A tribute to ST-AE the first Smart Tweezers in India

ST-AE was the first to enter India in 2005 as a family of Smart Tweezers. It was introduced in India by INDE Enterprises.  It was a revolutionary product and the professional engineers were amazed to see its ergonomic design. The Canadian manufacturers had cleverly integrated a powerful tester in a tweezer-type shell.


Repairing SMD Cicuits using old Smart-Tweezers-ST-AE


INDE Enterprises sold many units of this remarkable LCR meter ST-AE to various government and private sector organizations in India, and this new tool started to find its foot in the Indian market. It was a niche product and was a boon to SMD repairing and its importance is still growing with the introduction of latest and much refined models. Some of the prominent clients that we made during the initial years of the introduction of this ST-AE were Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Airforce, Paramilatary Forces like Border Security Force (BSF), Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) etc.




It was the toughest competitor to traditional digital multimeters specifically in the area of repairing and identifying SMD circuits. With just a touch of its tips on a SMD component it was able to determine its status and display the results on a LCD display which was located at the back. Multimeters immediately felt the heat of competition. The only thing that was in favor of multimeter was its price. It becomes tedious and sometime almost impractical to perform repair work on a complex SMD circuits with a traditional multimeter resulting in time waste. Return On Investment (ROI) is almost immediate if you are into manufacturing or service industry as ST-AE started to save huge amount of time. It increased the efficiency and cost effectiveness in manufacturing industry by reducing the time in finding faults in SMT circuits.

ST-AE was the first Smart Tweezers that came with a calibration certificate guarantying for accuracy. It was able to give an accuracy of 1% for the resistance, 3% for the capacitance and 3% for the inductance. It came with 3 x 1.5V LR44 Alkaline Battery.


After a year or so (as per its usage) ST-AE required re-calibration and it was one of the first thing that its manufacturers had thought. They provided INDE Enterprises with all the tools like hardware, software and knowledge to perform re-calibration here in India locally. All calibrations are still being done in India only by INDE as per the standards set by the manufacturers (Advance Devices, Canada).

INDE Enterprises is still the first authorized distributor, seller, promoter and service provider of Smart Tweezers in India since 2005. Today with the introduction of various advanced models of Smart Tweezers like ST-5S, ST-5S (Bluetooth Enabled), Iskra, Colibri finding faults on SMT circuits has become even more easier. Even though ST-AE is discontinued it will always be remembered as the trendsetter in world of fault finding where SMD circuits are becoming even more complex and miniaturized on a daily basis.

Product Status: Discontinued. No purchase or Spares inquiries please.

Download Brochure of Smart Tweezers ST-AE | Spares of ST-AE

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