Testing Complex SMD Boards at INDE using Smart Tweezers®

Smart Tweezers® are ideal handheld test and debugging tools for high-density printed circuit board designs where conventional leads of multimeters won’t reach easily. Smart Tweezers would greatly reduce the debugging time particularly if you have to check and verify numerous components on a complex SMD board that are either not marked or hard to read/reach.

Even though there is a 3-Tier PCB library concept that was originally created by IEC (International Electromechanical Commission) in 1999 and introduced to IPC in 2000, the SMT circuits still tend to be very complicated for a normal technician to repair. Most of the times SMT circuits combine through-hole components with the SMD components to do the required jobs. Here the Smart Tweezers can be very handy to not only find the fault but also to exactly locate the cause of fault.

Some of the most complicated SMT circuits that can be repaired by the Smart Tweezers are as following.

  • Atronic Alphastreet Roulette R86 Machine Control SMD Board
  • Interphase corp SMD 2180
  • SMD-Adapter boards for Breadboards & Perfboard
  • All types of Original board (SMD), Counterfeit board (SMD)
  • Through hole and SMD Boards
  • Dinosaur Replacement Norcold Boards
  • GBC Emulator Circuit Board
  • Logic board with A10 chip set
  • Pluto A400 AMD boards
  • IDF-2016 Intel Edison Development Platform
  • Satlink ws6932 HD Mainboard Circuit board
  • Satellite Set Top Box
  • GPS162: GPS Satellite Receiver OEM Board
  • Mobile Microprocessor Boards with Flash Memory
  • Mobile robot Boards
  • AMD Boards
  • Intel Core Boards
  • SMD Rework Station Boards
  • Intelligent Mobile Boards
  • Artificial intelligence boards
  • Venus 822 development board
  • Samsung 3710-003262 Socket-Board

These boards are very complex and we at INDE Enterprises used Smart Tweezers ST5S Bluetooth Enabled to test and repair the above circuit boards at our laboratory in Chandigarh. Our professionals took just a fraction of the usual time to find faults and repair them using ST5S-BT. To know more about how to debug the complex circuit boards with Smart Tweezers just call us to fix an appointment with our professional engineers.

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