Replacing Smart Tweezers Battery


Step 1:
Remove the four screws at the back of Smart Tweezers using a size 00 screw driver offered by INDE.

Step 2:
Disconnect the physical tweezers from the PCB by pulling out the ribbon cable connector tab.

Once you remove the ribbon cable will give access to the centre screw that holds the PCB to the casing. Using a screwdriver (available at INDE), remove this center screw. The nut on the back side of the Smart Tweezers will fall loose; set aside.

Step 3:
Remove the PCB from the casing. On the bottomside of the PCB, the battery connector can be disconnected with a gentle pull. Please see the graphic here.

Now replace the old battery with the new one by gently pressing the connector back into the socket.

Step 4:
Put the PCB back into the slot and use the center screw to tight it on the casing. You may need to put a double-sided tape on one side of the battery to keep it from rattling inside the Smart Tweezers.

Step 5:
Just press the battery into the bottom casing.
Reconnect the tab from the arms into the ribbon cable connector.

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