Repairing latest Nintendo Switch or Google Pixel using Smart Tweezers

Everybody in the field of electronics love little SMD components. They are very small in size, looks cute, are less costly, saves spaces on the PCB and do not require holes to be drilled on the PCB (unlike through hole components). Today all the new gadgets like Nintendo Switch (launched in India on the 3rd of March 2017), Google Pixel Every Silver (launched in India 2017), Fitbit watches, 3D LED TVs has very complex circuitry and requires LCR meter like Smart Tweezers which is handy and can test/verify SMD circuits with just a touch.

Imagine repairing a Nintendo Switch without Smart Tweezers! It will be hell. It is a real headache to debug an SMD circuit (like of Nintendo Switch) with typical multimeter probes. Most of the time you will be busy in balancing the multimeter probes on the complex circuit boards. Now imagine you have to do these stunts repeatedly several times. The Smart Tweezers test SMD components on the PCB of Nintendo Switch with a quick single-handed squeeze by just touching its gold plated probes on the SMD component.

Nintendo-Switch-dock PCBA-Smart-Tweezers-ST-5SSmart Tweezers by Advance Devices (Canada) are the coolest and the most advanced multimeter tool specifically designed to test and troubleshoot complex multi-side SMD circuits (like the circuitry of Nintendo Switch). It will automatically test and identify resistors, capacitors, and inductors, and displays the relevant measurements. It will further transmit all the test results to a mobile device like (Google Pixel Every Silver) on a real time basis.

Making a SMD project using a very refined version of Smart Tweezers like ST-5S or ST5S-BT gives you a feel of fresh breath. Now no more dangling wires of bulky multimeters. The Smart Tweezers’ graphic menu is navigated with a simple joystick at the back. You can turn it on with a gentle press on the joystick at the back and automatically turns itself off after a pre-defined timeout.

Whether you are a professional working in a manufacturing company (like Toshiba or GE) or a student studying at IIT (Delhi or Kharagpur) who does a lot of manual work on complex SMD projects/cicuits, a pair of Smart Tweezers (like ST5S-BT) can save you invaluable time by eliminating the need for bulky old multimeters with dangling wires. It is fairly priced at less than Rs.20,000/- in India by INDE Enterprises but it is a worth having tool in your laboratories, service centers and manufacturing companies alike.

Measuring Capacitance:

Measuring a capacitance of a capacitor is a unique feature that is not commonly found in off-the-shelf multimeters. Only some high-end multimeters from Sanwa have such a feature. Having this feature in such a handy device is a remarkable feat by Advance Devices (Canada). ST-5S and ST5S-BT can measure the capacitance between 0.5 pF to 4999 µF. Once you touch the probes of the Smart Tweezers on a SMD capacitor on the PCB, it instantly shows its value also the measurement taken from a circuit board shows the total capacitance of all connected components and of the PCB itself.

Measuring Resistance:

Resistance measurement is typical in every available multimeter and comes with several test ranges that can be toggled using a rotatory switch in the middle. The Smart Tweezers ST-5S on the other hand can test and measure resistor values between 0.05Ω to 9.9 MΩ with an accuracy upto .2%. A traceable certificate of calibration issued by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) is an added assurity. However, if you are a practical person then you can rely on its measurements that are bang accurate.

Measuring Inductance:

Even high-end models of Sanwa multimeters do not have the feature of testing inductance. We have seen professionals struggling to measure the values and when you see the complex circuitry of Nintendo Switch then you will only feel helpless. There is only one tool that will bring back the smile on your face if you are into service/repair industry and that tool is Smart Tweezers ST-5S. With just a touch of its gold plated patented tips on the SMD-Inductance it can measure and test an inductance of 0.5 uH to 999 mH.
Testing and measuring Diodes and Continuity:

Smart Tweezers can automatically test diodes and continuity by displaying its polarity on its OLED display. It beeps for the continuity between the points of parts. It can easily detect the broken, open or damaged SMD components.

Smart Tweezers works equally well on through-hole components with highest degree of accuracy results.

Display-Replacement-Smart-TweezersDo it yourself Guide for Replacing OLED Display of the Smart Tweezers

Step 1:
Remove the four screws at the back of Smart Tweezers using a size 00 screw driver offered by INDE.

Step 2:
To replace the display, gently open the zif connector and slide the tab out (as pointed in the illustration.

Step 3:
Just like a flap turn the face of the display down when the Smart Tweezers it open. Gently fold it over without damaging the ribbon before replacing the top casing.

Step 4:
Just slip in the new ribbon of the new OLED display and put it back in the casing and put the screws back on.

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