Is the cost of Smart Tweezers justified?

Emphatically YES! There is too much of research gone into developing the current version of Smart Tweezers ST-5S which is much refined and very accurate. It has come a long way from being an expensive tester to a very interactive, attractive, affordable and handy LCRZ meter. It is now a very reliable companion to every electronic professional and service men than merely a test tool.

Smart Tweezers ST5S
Smart Tweezers ST5S

The highly refined Swiss made ( by IDEAL-TEK S.A) gold plated tweezers are very sturdy that lasts for ages without showing any signs of wear and tear. With choice of precision and angular tips you can be assured that the Smart Tweezers will be able to test any SMT circuits and the smallest possible SMD components to an accuracy for 0.2%. These tips are designed in such a way that they can virtually test any SMD component soldered on the PCB without having to fiddle with the component or PCB.

Since Smart Tweezers do not have any dangling wires like traditional bench-top LCR meters so it leaves your working table all available for professional electronic work and will not mess up all the hundreds of SMD components that may be lying on your work bench. In other words Smart Tweezers help keep your work bench all tidy up.

With circuitry of Smart Tweezers kept to a bare minimum with just one microprocessor and supporting ICs, this amazing tool can test, verify and debug all types of SMD components.

The arms of the tweezer are very sturdy made of high quality plastic that could last for decades.

Today pin point accuracy of test results plays an important role when repairing/testing Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) boards and SMD components. It could prove vital to locate a fault in miniaturized circuit boards of mobile phones, aerospace computers, tactical circuit boards, computer boards etc.. When testing and debugging with traditional LCR meters we occasionally find the test probes slipping from the SMD components and falling on the SMT boards. Sometime to the horror of service professionals these test probes accidentally lead to the burning of sensitive components (because they short-circuits the two solder points on the board). On the other hand Smart Tweezers is ergonomically designed that fits into your palm so effortlessly that they can just pin-pointedly touch, test and verify any SMD component and SMT boards without damaging it in any way. With just a single touch it will give you the exact results without any trial and error method that you will do with other LCR meters.

Today there are very cheap Chinese versions of similar product in the market, but to dismay they give very poor/ un-acceptable test and debugging results. You just cannot rely on such results to test and debug expensive SMT circuit boards. Would you? For budget conscious customers, there is an option of buying Smart Tweezers Colibri (LCR Reader) for less than Rs.13,000/-. It is a cheaper version of LCR meter that is not as accurate as Smart Tweezers ST-5S but certainly it would beat any Chinese version of LCR hand tool hands-down. LCR Reader do not come with Calibration Certificate. Similarly the older version of Smart Tweezers also do not come with Calibration Certificates. Since LCR reader uses 0.5 Vrms test signal so testing of ceramic capacitors is very limited.

Smart Tweezers ST-5S is calibrated to give you a guaranteed accuracy and traceable certificate of calibration is issued by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and/or NRC (National Research Council of Canada). The precision/accuracy and speed of Smart Tweezers ST-5S can even surpass that of much more expensive laboratory based bench LCRZ instruments. There is absolutely no warm-up or startup time like the bench-top machines.

As mentioned earlier, the new version has come a long way to justify its worth. You can see it in its very sharp, clear and bright OLED display. It is very sharp and crystal clear in virtually all types of lighting conditions.

It is very smart and handy with just one touch on the component it will test it, verify the type of component and also keep a backlog of your test results. The Li-ION battery lasts for several continuous hours of testing before requiring any re-charge.

If you were to take our un-biased opinion, then it is most definitely worth the price at less than Rs.20,000/-. If you were to avail the special discount offer then please fill in the following form and send it across to us and we will get back to you with the best price deal.  ST-5S is a must have tool for every electronic professional who keep accuracy of testing and debugging SMD and SMT circuit boards as top priority at work.

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SMD-5S Package (contains Smart Tweezers ST-5S, 4pcs of SMD probes, ESD safe SMD Tweezer)
SMD-5S Package (contains Smart Tweezers ST-5S, 4pcs of SMD probes, ESD safe SMD Tweezer)

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