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What is a Smart Tweezers™?

Smart Tweezers® is a handheld tool used to identify, measure, test, and troubleshoot surface mounted devices (SMD) and leaded two-terminal devices — a digital LCR meter in a set of tweezers.

What is the use of Smart Tweezers™?

A Smart Tweezers® can test/identify both marked and unmarked SMD-components. It can measure capacitance, inductance and resistance with speed and precision along with secondary parameters such as capacitor ESR (ESR Meter), Q (quality factor), D (dissipation factor) and Z (impedance) measurements.

What are the different types Smart Tweezers™?

As of now there are four different versions of Smart Tweezers™.

  1. Smart TweezersST-5S: A professional quality testing and debugging tool with traceable certificate of calibration issued by NIST. It gives up to 6 times improved measurements precision over its predecessor 2% for Capacitance, 0.2% for Resistance, 0.5% for Inductance.
  2. ST5S-BT: An enhanced version of ST-5S with Bluetooth data connectivity for real time data transfer and batch analysis. Batch analysis of data is vital if you need to analyze the output of a circuit in a controlled environment for a prolonged duration. It’s like user can record their measurement results, saving time for those who require to create quick references for past measurements and complete quality control.
  3. Colibri: A low cost variant of ST-5S. It can perform all the functionalities of ST-5S with a compromised accuracy. It does not come with NIST certificate of calibration.
  4. Iskra: It is a specialized tool to test and verify SMD and through-hole LEDs. It is a combination of high quality gold-plated tweezers and a digital adaptive LED tester in a compact, lightweight, battery powered casing.

Why Smart Tweezers™?

A revolutionary tool was required to identify, measure, test and troubleshoot all types of loose SMD (Surface Mound Devices) components and ultra complex SMT circuits. This reason was good enough to inspire a team of professionals and researchers at Advance Devices Inc., Canada to come up with a unique design that can be held like a normal tweezer with a powerful OLED display at the back of it to show all types of testing and debugging results for LCRZ. It is superior, accurate, lightweight, easy to use, and very easy to reach difficult places in a complex PCB than any other bulky multi-meters available today. With just a touch of its gold plated tip on a SMD component (like capacitor, resistance, inductance, LED, diodes, transistors) it can test, verify, sort, identify its status.

Where to buy a Smart Tweezers™ in India?

INDE Enterprises is the first authorized distributor, seller, promoter, service provider and spare part stockist of Smart Tweezers™ in India. So if you want to buy a genuine Smart Tweezers in India, then call +91-93161-34502.

INDE Enterprises has established a complete in-house calibration center for Smart Tweezers. The original manufacturers Advance Devices Inc. has supplied us all the required hardware, software and jigs for this. We practice exactly the same procedures which were used by the original manufacturer as per their continuous guidance. All Smart Tweezers sold thru us since 2005 have the facility of re-calibration after the expiry of calibration period.

Products available in stock

Smart Tweezers ST-5S™

Model: ST-5S

Smart Tweezers ST-5S is a handy pen type device for testing, evaluating and debugging Surface Mount Technology (SMT) developed by Advance Devices, Inc. Canada. It is a professional test and debugging tool that comes with a traceable certificate of calibration issued by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). 

It provides a perfect solution for testing and identification of Surface Mount Devices as well as troubleshooting of complex electronic systems. Its unique mechanical and electronic design combines a pair of precise gold-plated tweezers and a digital LCR meter in compact, lightweight, battery powered instrument. The probe is able to measure resistance, capacitance, inductance with high accuracy and automatic component identification.

Features of ST-5S:

  • Built-in high-precision LCR probe
  • Convenient one-hand operation
  • Ideal for Surface Mount Devices
  • Automated component identification
  • Automated test range selection
  • Manual C, R, L, Z and ESR Modes
  • Adjustable test signal levels
  • Swiss-made precise test leads
  • Diode Polarity/Short Testing
  • Secondary D, Q and ESR parameters
  • Portable and ergonomic design
  • Built-in Li-Ion battery
  • ROHS Compliant 

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Smart Tweezers Colibri™

Model: Colibri

Smart Tweezers Colibri is a professional quality, low cost LCR/ESR-meter by Advance Devices, Inc. Canada. It is a perfect solution for testing, identifying components and troubleshooting electronic circuits. It is a scaled down version of ST-5S for budget conscious customers in India. 

Smart Tweezers Colibri displays component type and value include a secondary parameter for capacitors and inductors. Automatic component identifications and test frequency selection simplifies measurement by eliminating unnecessary trial and error time.

Features of Colibri:

  • L, C, R and ESR measurement
  • Bright and easy to read OLED display
  • Automatic or manual identification of tested component type
  • Secondary parameters display with automatic Parallel or Series equivalent circuit selection
  • Automatic or manual test frequency selection
  • Standard micro-USB connector for battery charger
  • Auto power off
  • Protective holster
  • Precision, gold-plated tips

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Smart Tweezers® Iskra™ ST5-L

Model: Iskra ST5-L

An Efficient & Convenient Way to Test SMD LED

Smart Tweezers Iskra™ is a specialized expert solution for testing and verification of SMD LEDs. Its unique mechanical and electronic design combines a pair of high quality gold plated tweezers and a digital LED tester in compact, lightweight, battery powered instrument.

Smart Tweezers Iskra™ performs automatic LED polarity detection using a unique safe adaptive test algorithm. After LED polarity detection, Smart Tweezers Iskra™ lights the LED at the preset test current value and the on-off duty cycle. During this cycle, the device displays test current value, polarity indicator, forward drop voltage across LED and the duty cycle.

Features of Iskra™:

  • Convenient one-hand operation
  • Automatic LED polarity detection
  • Forward drop voltage display
  • Adjustable preset test current
  • Adjustable test duty cycle
  • LED visual brightness verification
  • LED visual color verification
  • Portable and ergonomic design

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Limited time Smart Tweezers package (SMD-5S) offer

SMD-5S Package (contains Smart Tweezers ST-5S, 4pcs of SMD probes, ESD safe SMD Tweezer)
SMD-5S Package (contains Smart Tweezers ST-5S, 4pcs of SMD probes, ESD safe SMD Tweezer)

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